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03 DEC 2006

The schedule tab got a couple additions this weekend. Now in addition to the weekly view, there are also monthly and yearly views. Each of the views has distinct characteristics: The monthly view has brief summaries of daily events that can be expanded to view the full details of each day; the yearly view gives you an overview of your projects without any detail in terms of services and tasks. The yearly view gives you a quick look at how long your projects are running, based of their begin and end dates.

Today's date is more obvious than ever:

Schedule Screenshot

Switch between views quickly:

Schedule Screenshot

Expand days in the monthly view to get detailed information:

Schedule Screenshot

This is the beginning of the new features and updates for SJT. Hope you like 'em!

28 NOV 2006

Holy crap there are actual Side Job Track updates! In no particular order, here's a list of what changed:

* Project Begin date no longer required - This means what projects that haven't started yet, projects that started then stopped or projects you are creating for estimate's sake don't have to be given a fake begin date and any projects without a begin date are accessed in the new On Hold tab of the projects page.

* Bigger project notes textarea - When you add or edit a project note, the screen shifts a bit to give you more room to type out your project notes.

* Services Completed Date on default Print & Email invoice templates - If you have a custom invoice, download the new template to incorporate the new template logic.

* New template logic & codes - Now if a service has a completed date, it will show on the invoice. This takes advantage of a new template logic code that works within looped data like a list of services or materials:

{IFSET{CODENAME} Text to Output END}

* Custom Template MS Word Bug Fixed (Maybe…) - I think -- big THINK -- that the dreaded MS Word custom template breaker bug is fixed. If not, send me a link to your custom template and I'll investigate further.

* New Setting: Time Zone Adjustment - Allows you to set a time zone offset.

* New Setting: Project Summary Display - Allows you to set how much project summary to display on the projects page. If set to short description and the project summary is over 300 characters, it will cut off your project summary to the first line break. Should be a space-saver for folks who have detailed project summaries.

* Invoice-Only Export - In the same way you can export your list of clients, you can now do the same for invoices.

As always, if you notice any bugs with the new features, let me know via the help page within SJT or in the comments of this thread.

So what about Pro Job Track and all those promised summer updates? Well, some of those summer updates are included in this round of updates and others are on hold. When I announced PJT earlier this year, I was over halfway done. After a few months away from the site, however, I realized that in order to do the best job possible I was going to have to throw away almost everything I'd done and start over.

So, I may not make the 2007 deadline, but I am working on the site and it's going to really kick-ass.

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A random sampling of SJT users is above. If you want to see more, you can see everyone who has asked to be included.

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