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The redesigning of the homepage has sort of taken away time from adding new features, but fear not because more updates are on the way. I'm working on a list of what I am considering adding to the site, but first I'd like to explain an oft-requested feature I added recently: a simple timer that can be used for hourly services.

The timer can be used when editing services that are attached to projects. Edit or create a service on a project and look to the right of the Quantity box:

Timer Open

Opening the timer will automatically start the time. The timer itself has five buttons, three control the function of the timer and two control how the time is recorded back onto the corresponding service:

Timer Full

If you have a quantity already listed and you open the timer, the time that it records will be added to that time.

The timer icon will be available regardless of whether the service is by item, weekly, monthly, etc. but it's only useful when charging hourly.

UPDATE: Kevin Wetzels, the maker of the free and most excellent Drunkey Love icons that Side Job uses, created a brand new stop watch icon that makes this feature's purpose more obvious.

Thanks Kevin!


WOW that's fantastic! Exactly what I was hoping for!! Thanks so much for this feature... this application is becoming very thorough... it makes me happy!! =D

# 1 andrewkumar 11/20/2005

This little web application is fast turning into a highly usable product for us many producers who need a fast and simple tool to track our work and clients. Thanks Marie, keep adding, we love you for it!

# 2 lkoudal 11/21/2005

Just wanted to let you know how great I think this service is. I've just started my business and was in a desparate search to find a quick and easy way to bill my first client. All of the stand-alone invoicers I found just didn't thrill me, but sidejobtrack has everything I need and more! Thanks!

# 3 gahall 11/21/2005

Great, great, great!

Perhaps you could add a little warning when clicking on the 'reset' button, to avoid accidental clicking? Or make the 'start/stop' button the one and the same, la safari? Or perhaps, when you have found the shrubbery, you could
place it here beside this shrubbery, only slightly higher so you
get a two-level effect with a little path running down the middle...

Ok, sorry, I feel much better now...
Anyway, keep up the good work!

# 4 publipress 11/24/2005

awesome, this is a fantastic addition that will be a huge help!

# 5 zymurdotcom 11/25/2005

Ok, I added a confirmation box on the "reset" button. I will take that shrubbery path suggestion, um, under advisement. : )

# 6 rmcox, Administrator 11/26/2005

1st things 1st ...

Could I get date format as for 10DEC05? DDMMMYY ... I know that's an option with PHP.

Oh yes, and currency ... at some point CDN$ VS US$ might make a diff ...

thanks, I look forward to running through this

p.s. funny how <p> inserts a bit of whitespace before the next line. Oh, and also: paragraph breaks don't appear in the little list of HTML tags below this preview box. (Hey, I've done tech_docs for years ... just call me compulsive! *grin*)

# 7 bentremblay 12/10/2005

No identity in comments? I expected a link to my profile or something

# 8 bentremblay 12/10/2005

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